Yellowstone National Park, Lewis Lake Campground

After much excitement and adventure on the north side of the Yellowstone, we packed up camp and headed down south to stay at Lewis Lake. As with everything else in the park, the drive was long and took us most of the afternoon. Thankfully, this campground is the last among those in Yellowstone to fill up so we had many spots to choose from. We set up camp, relaxed, and took a nice stroll along the lake and added kayaking to our to-do next time list.

yellowstone national park
Enjoying the beauty of YNP

Yellowstone National Park, Indian Creek Campground

In about a month of traveling, we made it to our first big destination, Yellowstone National Park. An awe-inspiring atmosphere, it’s as grand and miraculous as I had envisioned. We approached the gate through the east side of the park thereby driving through the Shoshone National Forest. A spotting of Moose outside the park made it picturesque and set the mood for the large wildlife we were about to encounter.

shoshone national forest
Driving through the Shoshone National Forest to Yellowstone National Park

Boysen State Park, Thermopolis, WY, and Buffalo Bill State Park

Boysen State Park and Reservoir was our next destination as we headed toward Yellowstone. Just south of Thermopolis, WY, this state park is vast and surrounds most of the lake with a portion belonging to the nearby Indian Reservation. A popular place on the weekend for camping and boating with a quieter crowd during the week. Lots of water activities with tubing and jet skiing being prime.

boysen state park, wyoming
The view of Boysen Reservoir from our campsite.

Lander, Wyoming and Sinks Canyon

After primitive camping for a week, we packed up and headed to town with our necessity at the moment being showers. They are hard to come by at campgrounds in our price range so we sought out one at the local pool. Thus by pure chance, we happened upon a free camping site at Lander City Park.

Lander city park, Lander, Wyoming
Camping spot at Lander City Park

Atlantic City, Wyoming

Still destined for greatness we found a perfect little campground on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property just shy of the Shoshone Forest in an region south of Lander, Wyoming. This locality has an amazing amount of history surrounding its foundation and those with ties here have preserved the area for others to enjoy.

Campsite at Atlantic City, Wyoming
Campsite at Atlantic City Campground

Rock Springs, Wyoming and Killpecker Sand Dunes

We ventured to the way of Rock Springs, WY with hopes of seeing the Killpecker Sand Dunes recreation area that we spotted on the map as well as BLM (Bureau of Land Management) camping. The drive from Saratoga to Rock Springs took us on the interstate which I am just not enjoying anymore. There is so much more beauty to be seen from the local highways and country roads.

View of Wyoming
View of Wyoming

Saratoga, Wyoming

If you ever end up in Wyoming, a stop at Saratoga is a must. It is a beautiful area and a gorgeous town that seems to keep growing every time I return. I have come by the area due to my relatives living there but that doesn’t make it any less of a great place. My uncle is a hunting and fishing guide and I love hearing stories about his endeavors and well as those my dad goes on with him.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Our adventure begins with a family camping endeavor to Glenwood Springs, CO. My family first camped here roughly a decade ago, had an amazing time, and always wanted to return. Nothing could have been more of a perfect start for our trip and was as amazing and as beautiful as I remember.

View of Colorado River
Stunning view of Colorado River from our campsite