Saratoga, Wyoming

If you ever end up in Wyoming, a stop at Saratoga is a must. It is a beautiful area and a gorgeous town that seems to keep growing every time I return. I have come by the area due to my relatives living there but that doesn’t make it any less of a great place. My uncle is a hunting and fishing guide and I love hearing stories about his endeavors and well as those my dad goes on with him.

Our stop here was a quick overnight one where we parted ways with my family as they headed back to Iowa and we headed to the great unknown. While in Saratoga, had enough time to stop and eat at an amazing restaurant, Bella’s Bistro, and gave astounding complements to the sous-chef, who also happens to be my cousin. A definite must.

A stop into Sweet Marie’s Bakeshop was also needed where we picked up some great cups of coffee for our drive out. The area is also home to a sparkling lake, and steaming hot springs, a favorite hangout of the locals. Lots of great downtown shops and a brewery which I heard rave reviews about. I always enjoy the rare moments of visiting Saratoga and enjoy watching the little town amongst the Snowy Range and Sierra Madre mountains grow.

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