Rock Springs, Wyoming and Killpecker Sand Dunes

We ventured to the way of Rock Springs, WY with hopes of seeing the Killpecker Sand Dunes recreation area that we spotted on the map as well as BLM (Bureau of Land Management) camping. The drive from Saratoga to Rock Springs took us on the interstate which I am just not enjoying anymore. There is so much more beauty to be seen from the local highways and country roads.

View of Wyoming
View of Wyoming

This journey however, lead us to a nice rest stop from which we stumbled upon a cute family of prairie dogs. There were eager and curious to see what we were up to and while hesitant, they made their way up to us. We were generous and share our dried fruit snack with them, which they loved. One sneaky little guy would eat half his piece, cleverly drop it into his hole, and come back for more. They were fun to interact with and it was great to experience a part of wildlife we don’t have back in Iowa.

Prairie Dogs enjoying snack
Sharing our snack with the curious prairie dogs

While heading on to Rock Springs we stopped at a local park for lunch and the library for some internet time. A nice little town with a strong industrial feel and little tourism outside of hotels. We stocked up on goods for overnight primitive camping and traveled south for a 10 mile drive to a popular recreation spot I found in a campground guide book. We however, ended up on what felt like wild goose chase, driving through winding gravel roads on the three hour endeavor. We made it to the elected recreation area and was greeted with a ‘No Overnight Camping’ sign.

Three Patches BLM Rock Springs, Wyoming
No Camping at Three Patches BLM

Like all the places in the mountains, the area was beautiful, a grove a forest trees surrounded by desolate barren landscape all on top of a stunning mountain. Despite the fact that the option to risk it was in order, the area felt like the start to a cabin horror film so we cut our losses for the night and found a motel with internet to fuel a new game plan.

We quickly learned that the use of internet sites was needed to supplement the camping book on low-cost campgrounds I had purchased. Oh well, nights like that are bound to happen when traveling in unknown territory. We watched a little National Lampoons’ movie marathon and laughed as that is how we were feeling.

Making it to infamous Walley World and it is closed.


I don’t have much to say for the Killpecker Sand Dunes. Since there are no sand dunes in Iowa so we thought it would be interesting to see as every visitor guide talked about its greatness.

View of drive to Killpecker Sand Dunes, Wyoming
The view of a long barren road to Killpecker Sand Dunes

The drive was long on a beat up rocky gravel road that made me leery at points if we were going to make it out without damaging our car. Note to self, if you live in Wyoming, a trunk and an off-road-vehicle are a must. While the area was vast and without a doubt a strange sight to see sand in the middle of a barren landscape, it wasn’t for us. Having a sand dune vehicle would have made for great times but it wasn’t much a visitor site.

Killpecker Sand Dunes, Rock Springs, Wyoming
Meditating at the Sand Dunes

While on the way out there, we stopped at a Petroglyph Site which was a historic site of pictures and stories that were carved into rock. There also wasn’t much to this landmark either but it was a important tribute to those who lived on the land before us.

Petroglyphs, Rock Springs, Wyoming
Petroglyph rock admired from afar

This was definitely a rocky start to our trip. First not finding our intended destination for camping then frustrated by scenic points of interest along the way. Nevertheless, our spirits were not broken and we were more determined to find what lies out there for us.

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