Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Our adventure begins with a family camping endeavor to Glenwood Springs, CO. My family first camped here roughly a decade ago, had an amazing time, and always wanted to return. Nothing could have been more of a perfect start for our trip and was as amazing and as beautiful as I remember.

View of Colorado River
Stunning view of Colorado River from our campsite

We stayed again at Glenwood Canyon Resort and set up our tent with the Colorado River just steps away. What a beautiful and amazing view we had at every moment with rafters and kayaks floating by and a cascading canyon wall complete with roaring trains cruising through the mountain.

Campfire by the Colorado River
A view of the Colorado River from our campfire ring

Of the many beautiful spots with which to visit, we took the grueling trek up a 2.9 mile round trip hike to Hanging Lake and Sprouting Rock which ascends 1065 feet in elevation. Grueling in the sense that the unfamiliar altitude will first hit before the sense of being out of shape for the hike.

Trek to Hanging Lake, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
My nephew Caelum and myself on the grueling trek upward to Hanging Lake

Taking the trip up with Reed and my nephew was rather entertaining as it is delightful to observe the nature of adventurous boys always wanting to venture off the trail in hopes of something better. The hike was definitely worth it and absolutely breathtaking.

Trek to Hanging Lake, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
A journey off the beaten path

Hanging Lake is a beautiful oasis smack dab in the middle of a mountain side complete with a flowing water fall. The water was absolutely crystal clear with a beautiful viewing to the vast ecosystem that lives inside. A definite must see if you ever make it to the area.

Hanging Lake, Glenwood Canyon, Colorado
View of sparkling waters at Hanging Lake

No trip to the Colorado River is complete without a rafting endeavor. Again complete with breathtaking views of the water carved canyon walls and flora and fauna that proudly call the area home. I love to dream as we float down about the past and all those who have step here before me, being brave pioneers that have shaped this land.

Rafting Colorado River, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Rafting trip down Colorado River

The campground was close to full while we were there with people leaving and others arriving in their place. A very popular place with a great location off the interstate. It was warm and beautiful during the day and very chilly at night. Leaving Iowa amongst hot days and hot nights, we did not pack enough warm bedding. A problem easily solved. A quiet campground around the clock, it seems people came and enjoyed the nearby activities that Glenwood Springs has to offer with a soothing sleep to the river waters.

As far as Glenwood Springs go, it is a great destination place and beautiful city complete with wonderful people proud to call this paradise home. Amongst the variety of activities for all ages to enjoy, there is an adventure park with cave tours and rock climbing, great eateries, and an astounding hot spring pool. Stunning views every twist and turn with the rolling mountain landscape. Delighting in a campfire by the river was a definite must.

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