Epic Travels Await

I’d love to invite you to embark on our innovative journey. My boyfriend, Reed, and myself, Melissa, have decided to try life a little differently.


We both love the outdoors and as much as we enjoy traveling but unfortunately not enough time kept us from enjoying life as we wanted. So we found a way to beat time and now live in our tent, moving across the country and seeing everything we have come to miss out on. “It ain’t going to be easy” is our motto and the work of web master Reed is our funding, but there is nothing better than being alive in nature.

Please feel free to stop back often and read about the good and bad of our adventures as you work to craft a quest of your own. Take a step back from the burden succumb of a busy life and take a step outdoors.

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4 thoughts on “Epic Travels Await”

  1. MaryAnn says:

    Anxious to read more and share your adventure! I’m so glad you’re doing this. MA

    1. melyez says:

      Thanks MaryAnn! I’m happy to hear you enjoy reading about our adventures and I look forward to posting more about all the activities we are doing.

      1. Bethany Elmer says:

        Hey guys! This is Bethany, Reed’s cousin. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see your adventures!

        1. melyez says:

          Thanks Bethany! It’s great to hear that others are enjoying our adventure just as much as we are. I love sharing our stories and hope that someday everyone can see the great locations we are exploring.

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